• In the event you have a financial windfall, the financial planning process can be available as a great starting point in the decisions to be made.

  • We are professionals and understand how, where and if using insurance as part of your financial planning needs makes sense.

  • It can be a balancing act at times to look at pursuing a return you are happy with while still feeling comfortable with the risk you are taking.

  • Retirement planning may need changes from a change of employer, a lay-off, spouse enters or leaves the workforce, or a disability.

About Us

As advisors, we commit ourselves to our clients’ financial goals as if they were our own. Our clients in return seek a committed relationship that is equally beneficial for both parties. We proactively guide you in the financial decision-making process, answering your questions and providing the resources you and your family require to make educated decisions that will serve your best interests-not ours. We seek to address the concern and take the confusion out of the financial decision-making process, replacing it with the clarity and confidence you seek. At Arrow & Bow Wealth Advisors, we have access to independent research on the economy and the markets. The need to be objective and independent is greater than ever with increased changes in the economy and unsettling market volatility. This access allows us the freedom to offer clients strategies to manage the challenges of wealth accumulation and management. As a group of independent advisors we have no proprietary investment offerings or products allowing us to ensure the advice you receive is objective.


Advisor Team

  • Elizabeth Leventis
    Elizabeth Leventis
    President & Wealth Advisor

    Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2873

    Meet my assistant, Carla!

    Carla Insinga
    Assistant to Elizabeth Leventis

  • Scott Ingold
    Scott Ingold
    Wealth Advisor

    Hi, I’m Scott!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2859
  • Deena Wilson
    Deena Wilson
    Wealth Advisor

    Hi, I’m Deena!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2861

    Meet my assistant, Yasmeen!

    Yasmeen Ward
    Assistant to Deena Wilson

    (980) 201-2867


Client Care Team

  • Jason Leventis
    Jason Leventis
    Managing Partner & Operations Manager

    Hi, I’m Jason!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2842
  • Emily West
    Emily West
    Communications & Events Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Emily!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2847
  • Carla Insinga
    Carla Insinga
    Client Service Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Carla!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2843

  • Yasmeen Ward
    Yasmeen Ward
    Assistant to Deena R. Wilson

    Hello, I’m Yasmeen!

    You can reach me by:
    (980) 201-2867



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