2020 Resolution: Focus on Financial Wellness

2020 Resolution: Focus on Financial Wellness

January 07, 2020

New Year. New Decade. New Goals.

As the first month of the year, January signifies a chance for new beginnings, starting over or, at the very least, making a few changes. So it's not surprising that many of us are proclaiming, in the form of New Year's resolutions, our intentions in the year ahead to eat healthier, go to the gym more, eliminate bad habits, and make other adjustments in our daily lives. 

January also happens to be National Financial Wellness Month. So what better time to reflect on your financial wellness and set some goals for improving it -- or perhaps achieving some specific finance-related goals? Whether it's a vow to cut back on eating out at restaurants or to get an estate plan in place, most everyone could benefit from making a few financially oriented changes. If you've never worked with a financial advisor, perhaps this is a good time to do so (say "hello" to our friendly financial advisors).

Get Started Now

No matter what your financial situation is, chances are there are a few changes you could make that will help you sleep easier at night an make better progress towards your financial goals. For suggestions and some inspiration, download our short eBook:

Download Resolve to Improve Your Financial Wellness

Resolve to Improve Your Financial Wellness

To better support your goals, our team is launching a few new initiatives in 2020 to make access to financial resources more convenient:

Video Education

We have heard your requests loud an clear! Complex topics are much easier to understand with short visuals or explanations. Since many of our clients have similar questions, we will be building a library of financial resources for you to explore on our Financial YouTube Channel. In addition, we are bringing in industry experts in the topics you have the most questions about: legal, tax, insurance, mortgage. 

Wealth & Wellness

In addition to our traditional financial topics, we are taking a 30,000 foot view at total wellness. We understand that financial wellness is one out of eight dimensions of total wellness, but it touches almost every area of our lives. So we are launching a monthly community Wealth & Wellness walking event to encourage physical activity, relieve stress, and connect with other friends and professionals. Each walk is scheduled for the third Monday of the month beginning Monday, January 20th. Mark your calendars!

Creative Workshops

Our team spent 2019 building curriculum to better serve you. If you prefer live in-person workshops, just wait until you see what we have in store for you in the new year! We are changing the format from our traditional dinner seminars to smaller group hands-on workshops. The few we beta tested last year received rave reviews and laid the foundation for the format we will use moving forward.