Do I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding to Leave a Marriage

Do I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding to Leave a Marriage

December 31, 2021

Do I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding to Leave a Marriage

With holidays just having passed and the New Year beginning, this may be on your mind. It may come as no surprise that some people who decide to divorce had their first thought about it more than a year before it happened. I have known some who thought about it before the marriage even beganred flag. But even if you see early signs, the decision to get a divorce is tough. Many choose to just staybut then what if your spouse ends up leaving you?

Why does divorce happen? Why do we wait so long? Why do we sacrifice happiness when we shouldn’t? I am not a psychologist, but God knows I have spent my fair share studying the ins and outsboth firsthand and on the outside looking in (therapy truly does wonders.)

Here is what I know for sure

  • When people say, “for better or worse,” most mean it! They go in committed to work through anything. Because that is what it takesWORK. But sacrificing your mental health is not good.

  • Marriage is really hard work, period. Thinking otherwise can set you up for failure.

  • If you don’t like who you are most days, what needs to change?

  • If you feel bullied, controlled, ignored, or completely misunderstood, you might be with the wrong person.

  • If you’re staying together for the kids, you are probably hurting your kids, not helping them. Don’t make that mistakefor everyone’s sake.

  • Kids need to see a model of a healthy, respectful, and loving relationship, or they will not know how to have one.

  • The right relationship still requires work. But you owe it to your spouse to tryreally and truly try. You took those vows.

  • The right mate inspires you, motivates you and pushes you to be the very best you can be. There is a time to fight and when to let go.

  • Know what makes you happy. Know what is good for YOU. It’s okay to make a change. You owe it to yourself!

Just some takeaways.