How to Create a Festive Family Photoshoot

How to Create a Festive Family Photoshoot

November 24, 2021
The holidays are here and the family will be gathering together to celebrate...what a perfect time to take a couple pictures for your holiday card or memory book! If you have visited our website, then you have probably seen the Christmas Checklist and know it is time to plan your Christmas card. So where do you start?
How about heading to the tree farm to document your baby’s first Christmas tree or even taking the traditional route with a family photo that catches you all dolled up and looking your holiday best. Be sure to showcase major events from the year like an engagement or new baby or even a new pet.
Looking for more ideas? Here goes...

Use Christmas Props


You could make Santa beards and hats with stuff you have around the house. Don some festive antlers and red noses. Pull out the PJs and get creative with fun poses – don’t be afraid to get silly! Friends and loved ones will be delighted when they see giggling grins, recently lost teeth, and a little sass. Multi-photo cards are great for sharing mini-stories.

Create a Focal Point


To create a focal point for your Christmas card picture, hold up a beautiful, festive wreath or stage your pose in front of the Christmas tree. It’ll give you all something pretty to gather around.

Get Outside


Are you close to the city? Take advantage of the unique streets and brick backgrounds for a stylish and urban photoshootCapture the height of winter sun just before dusk by heading out for a cozy walk with the camera. Wear subtle earth tones to blend with your winter surroundings and reflect the light. Dress up in your holiday best and head out for a walk hand in hand. The first and last couple hours of the day are really magical!

Set the Scene


Why not decorate the Christmas tree together? Gather everyone and set the timer to capture the festive scene! Or throw on some festive hats or matching aprons and head into the kitchen to mix up some dough. Candid shots of flour on the nose or kids measuring ingredients could not be cuter. You could include a favorite recipe with your card. Or simply show a favorite tradition.

Color Coordinate


To create a flawless color palette for your Christmas card photos, consider matching your ensembles to the surrounding décor. 

Try Something Different


Formal is making a come back and dressing up can make for gorgeous Christmas card photos. Try black and white for an elegant feel. Turning to the camera with smiling faces is the gold standard of any photo, but for a little unexpected charm, snap impromptu pics of your children with their backs turned. The authentic moment will look even sweeter in a Christmas card.

And Don't Forget Your Pets


Family photos can include your pet, but what about shining the spotlight on your best furry friend? From posing your pup by your front door to snapping your kitty standing by the Christmas tree, recipients are sure to go, “Awww!” when they see your photos.

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